Monday, June 28, 2004

Fingerprints in Pierce County

I read this article in the Tacoma News Tribune today

Seems that what they want is Tacoma PD to use a system, that although useful, is not compatible with the rest of the state, and I would bet, not compatible with the FBI system. There rational? The company that created the software for Pierce county is local company and if Tacoma PD does not also use it that hundreds could loose their jobs. This is just stupid. Its kind of like the argument that they should not have built cars because the buggy and whip makers would be out of a job. As always I will try to offer a solution to the problem, so here it is. If the company that makes the current system in Pierce county wants to stay alive they need to make there product compatible. This is usually done by talking to the other company to get information on how they communicate and store data. You might be surprised to find that a lot of companies will share this information, sometimes with a small cost. Also if they are really desperate they can reverse engineer the communications link and do it that way. But to ask Tacoma PD to stick with or buy a system that is not compatible with state is just dumb.

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