Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Mr. Chirac needs to shut up

The telegraph has this story

Apparently our President said something nice about Turkey. And the French Idiot came unglued.

Stung by Mr Bush's call for the EU to give Turkey a firm date for accession, Mr Chirac responded: "He not only went too far but he has gone into a domain which is not his own.
"He has nothing to say on this subject. It is as if I were to tell the United States how it should conduct its relations with Mexico."
Yep that’s right He would never tell us how to manage our business at all (Iraq)? Oh yea, we do have a stake in that area of the world don’t we? As part of NATO and aren’t our troops on the border of Turkey? I think so!

They go on to say:
Mr Chirac's outburst reflects the unresolved tensions over Iraq and France's declining influence in the EU and Nato.

Well Duh. This is France we are talking about. I cant think of a reason to take them seriously anyway. Why are they even on the U.N. Security Council? They have what? Couple of nukes? Only one aircraft carrier, which I have heard is used as an example of what NOT to do. I wish Bush would tell Mr. Chirac to go get bent. That way he is not using a curse word and people will still know what he means. Although it might be a little over Mr. Chirac’s head.

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