Thursday, July 01, 2004

Saddam is a liberal

News sites all over are talking about Saddam today. He called our President the real criminal. Yeah right. Sure. If we take a minute lets examine this statement just a little, and I am sure that as time and the trial goes on it will be made clear and true. What he is really saying here is that he would not be in this position if it were not for Bush. Just like Pres Clinton would not have been impeached if it were not for Ken Star. You see it is not his fault that he did not comply with 17 U.N. resolutions, or that he gassed his own people, or that he invaded a neighboring country. Nope cant be his fault. Just like almost every other liberal that I have heard talk on TV or the Radio, it is never there fault or the there ‘man’s’. Nope its always someone else’s fault. Here is the really sad part. I know there will be many in this very country that will believe him and agree with this piece of crap. You know when the time comes (and I think it will) for them to put this guy out of our misery, and they need to find an executioner I would be all to happy to volunteer my services.

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elodea said...

Different issue but same mindset was being attacked by Cosby, as you probably saw on my site.