Friday, July 23, 2004

When did you think you were safe?


WASHINGTON (July 23, 5:57 am PDT) - Warning "we are not safe" yet, the Sept. 11 commission called for a major overhaul of the nation's intelligence agencies to stop the next terror attack. Panelists vowed to make their unanimously backed reforms an election-year issue.

When exactly did you think you were safe? We ARE safer, but we are not safe until all those that would do us harm or could do us harm are ether dead or locked up! Does this mean that I think we should take over the planet? Hmmm…, but lets not get delusional here ether. This is just some stupid Liberal partisan crap. They want to give Kerry a campaign issue to run on. Then “they” vowed to make the unanimously backed reform “subjections” a election-year issue. OK you know why this is a unanimously backed? Because you had a lot of very Liberal people on the board, along with some that even helped cause the problem, AND you had the normal “I just want to get along with everyone and be popular” republicans on the board. They let the partisan Liberals take charge and even aggressively attach people that were there to speak. Well we get what we pay for!


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