Friday, July 23, 2004

Mr. Burger

With all the talk over the last few days, one question I have not heard asked is this. How long is he going to be in jail? That really is the only question we need to ask. He admitted to taking the documents. There is no question about that. What he did is a crime. How long is he going to be in jail?

As for being sloppy? Jezz if you could see my office. Now that is sloppy, but I have never accidentally put a document down my pants! Anyone who believes this line is ether stupid or brainwashed. He knew it was wrong but did not know it was a crime? And what was his job before? Get real he knew it was a crime! When I read stuff about this and hear people agree that its all some big mistake or that what hard did it really do, I lose faith in people in general.

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