Monday, July 19, 2004

Bush not Lying? WOW

Saw this on Fox News

A Senate Intelligence Committee report found inadequate evidence that deposed Iraqi President Saddam had been rebuilding his nuclear weapons program. It cited various reports, however, that Iraq had sought uranium in Africa. Thus, although Bush cited only British evidence that was determined to have been inconclusive, other intelligence files clearly contained other inconclusive evidence of the truth of the claim

When will they all get it straight and just give up on the “Bush lied and man died”. They never cared about the men that died, unless they were family. All they cared about was there agenda. Bush said what he thought based on what he was told. No president or world leader second guesses there intelligence services. There is no way they could. They don’t have the time to micromanage them. One problem that I see is that there is just to many bureaucrats in the intelligence services. Let them run something safe like the library system. We need Intel people running Intel! I just find it strange that people believe that the president is so stupid that he would lie to get us into a war, hoping that ether his false evidence would be made true, or that no one would discover that he lied! That just don’t not pass the Duh test!

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