Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Calling all Terrorists!

I got this from DANEgerus

Which led to the New York Daily News

Oh and I also saw it on Fox News

Manhattan Federal Judge Robert Sweet's decision - made public yesterday - prohibits blanket searches of bulky bags and backpacks in the absence of a "specific threat."

Sweet's decision also limits how many streets the NYPD can close around Madison Square Garden, and prohibits cops from penning protesters behind metal barricades.

Well isn’t this grand. I think that most people would agree that the Terrorists would love to disrupt the election. That would pass the Duh test. But instead of this judge allowing the police to do the job of protecting ALL of the people there, he decides to protect the rights of terrorists to have easier access to the event. I can here some of you saying WHAT? That’s exactly what he wants to do. If the police were to search (nicely) the bags and items of Anyone that attend the convention, they would be going a long way in discouraging terrorists from even showing up. These cowards don’t like to be caught. By not allowing the police to separate the two groups he is all but insuring that the Republicans will have there rights trampled on as they try to attend the convention. Now I am not in any way saying that he or the major media care one little bit about the civil rights of Republicans, I think that it is clear they don’t. I also find it very interesting that nothing like this stupid ruling happened for the democratic convention. I wonder why……Hmmmm

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