Sunday, September 19, 2004

Louisiana Bans Gay Marriages, Civil Unions

From Fox News:

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, the amendment was winning approval with 78 percent of the vote, and support for it was evident statewide. Only in New Orleans, home to a politically strong gay community, was the race relatively close, and even there the amendment was winning passage. Turnout statewide appeared to be about 27 percent of Louisiana's 2.8 million voters, somewhat low for a state election.

Rawls said there were many possible grounds for challenging the results in state and federal court. One appeared Saturday, when voting machines were delivered late to some New Orleans precincts, keeping some from casting ballots for hours.

State director of elections Frances Sims said at least 59 precincts did not have voting machines when polls opened because officials with New Orleans' clerk of court's office failed to meet drivers who tried to deliver the machines earlier that morning. The problem was solved by midday.

If this is all they have to attach this in court than I think they are going to be sucking wind. I can just see it. 'Judge about 2 to 3 hundred people did not get to vote on this issue.' judge: 'you know your right. ok I will change the results based on 300 votes, so now it only passed by 77% fo the vote insted of 79%, ok all better. no GO AWAY'. Also notice they are going to make this a federal case. I hope the supreme court is ready to hear this one.

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