Thursday, August 26, 2004

Voters angry, so what

From the Seattle PI:

"You have lost my primary vote," declared another voter, reacting, like the first, to Washington's new primary election system.

"I have never voted party line, and I'll not be strong-armed into party line now!" another wrote.

"We will NEVER vote again," vowed another.

Those were some of the nicer e-mails -- the milder-mannered and non-profane ones -- that poured into the office of Secretary of State Sam Reed in the past week. And that was before voters had even seen the unfamiliar new ballots, meaning that the anger might intensify when they receive absentee ballots that went into the mail starting yesterday.

No longer will voters be able to skip back and forth across the primary ballot, voting for a Democrat for one office, a Republican for another and a Libertarian for still another.

Boy I hope they never vote again. That might even help Seattle and Washington state! So here are the facts. The primary is for the parties to choose who gets to run in THE election. It is not THE election. If you are not a member of the party why do you think that you should choose who will represent them? I am sorry this bothers you so much, ok so I’m not, but get a life people. Yep it’s a new system, but in the defense of the politicians that picked this new system, they did not want to change the system. Some Judge decided that somewhere in the constitution it says that it can not be a open primary. I say constitution because he is suppose to read the current law and determine if it is constitutional. So they came up with two systems. One was like the open primary that we had before, but the two top vote getters go on to the main event. The problem with this is that, in this state, you would have a choice between (D)umbacrat 1 and (D)umbacrate 2 that is just not a system that I would like as I would have no one that I would want to vote for. The other system is a closed primary where the party picks its man to run. Gary Locke did something right when he chose this system. So if you don’t like it. Fine then don’t vote!

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