Saturday, November 06, 2004

Geraldine Ferraro joins the others

Geraldine Ferraro was on Hannity and Colmes last night. It was amazing. During the interview she said that if all the blue states got together and succeeded from the union, that there would be vuirtualy nothing left for the red states. No financial markets no nothing. The then went on to say that all the talent in this country is on both sides of the North East corridor. (blue states). This is almost a direct quote! This has been said in some way by quite a lot of liberals in the last 48 hours. So it seams that they have given up on us, and then figured out that they can not all move to Canada, so now they are floating this idea that we need to separate the union. Last time this happened there was a very bloody war. This difference this time? Well they wont really do this at all, they don’t have the guts to try. If they did, they would be in trouble. You see they don’t like guns and don’t believe that people should have guns. Us red state loving people do and have guns.

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